Bagels, a sumptuous treat that pairs well with almost anything. It is versatile and delicious! You can have it for breakfast with coffee, eggs, and bacon, you slice and stuff it with jam along with a plethora of fruits for lunch, or have it along with a mouth-watering beef steak with roasted veggies. Frankly, there’s nothing that will go wrong when you partner it with bagels! It’s the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to bread.

However did you know that these delicious ring-shaped bread originated from Poland and was historically a gift to women who just had childbirth. This practice first began appearing during the 1610s in Krakow and was believed that presenting these round, ring-shaped as a gift to those who just gave birth will bring a fruitful and joyous life to their child. Who knew that Bagel started as a good luck charm before it became the lovable bread that we all like.

Bagels Galore!

Also, another trivia fact that we found out is about the ‘hole’ at the center of the bagel. Without this hole, a bagel would just be any normal bread. Well, it turns out that the hole serves a purpose as well. The hole helps the bread cook evenly, hence a much more efficient preparation and cooking time!

Smile with each bite

Delord Gourmet offers a variety of Bagel sandwiches that will surely tickle your gourmet souls! Each sandwich is filled with goodness that won’t put the bagel in shame and instead, elevate its standing in people’s eyes now and forever! This just goes to show that every food has a history to them, some might not be glamourous or ground-breaking but knowing about it is a great way to show appreciation!