Albaker Investments and Blue Beach Restaurants Doha, overseeing top-of-the-line restaurants in Qatar and the Qatari’s choice of restaurant when it comes to luxurious French and Italian cuisine, is pleased to announce the Soft Opening of Delord Gourmet Restaurant in Salwa Road! The restaurant is unlike any other restaurant you have seen before, mainly due to the fact that as you dine, you get to see masterpieces that are out of this world.

Your first step into the building is also a wonder to behold because you will be greeted with products and items that you will not find anywhere else here in Qatar. The reason for this is because the restaurant is right above our glamorous retail shop, Delord Gallery. These masterpieces will surely stimulate your appetite as you wait to board on that delicious culinary journey!

Welcoming you to a culinary journey.

After you browse through the home decoration collection of Delord Gallery, you will then guided by our staff to the restaurant which will be on the 2nd floor of the building. The moment you step off the elevator you are already part of that wonderful culinary experience. Our staff and servers will eagerly greet you as they guide you to your seats. If you give your attention to the layout of the restaurant, you’ll notice how each booth has its own TV  for the guests’ relaxation. Other than these, there are also private rooms, for those who want to have peace and tranquility as they gorge on the delicious dishes prepared by our chefs. Much like Delord Gallery, Delord Gourmet has its own glass shelves which will be filled with retail from Delord Gallery. However, our true essence lies with the quality of the dishes and the exceptional service that we provide.

Relax and dine!

Delord Gourmet serves a menu that is a culmination of the world’s delicious dishes and is infused with the aromatic flavors of Mediterranean Spices making the menu an international miracle! Furthermore, we believe that the quality of the food lies in the ingredients and their preparation. We take our time in making sure that every dish that we serve is made using the finest of ingredients available and is prepared with the utmost care and precision so that we can impart to you that sophisticated blend of flavors that we take pride in. Our goal is simple. It’s to provide you the best food, with the best ambiance, and the best service. Don’t hesitate and visit Delord Gourmet now!