Delord, a restaurant franchise founded by its innovative and pioneering CEO, Abdulla Ahmad Albaker, first made its name known at the year of 2016 when the very first Delord restaurant, Delord Cafe, was established. Taking the market by storm, Delord Cafe quickly raised its ranks as one of the most sought out Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant in Qatar. With the newfound success that Delord Cafe achieved, other succeeding restaurants such as Delord Le Paradis and Delord Gourmet made themselves known. The popularity and success that the Delord Franchise achieved stems from the boundless years of experience that the organization has in the field of F&B and the Hospitality Industry. Delord truly sets out itself to offer the finest quality of both services and dishes.


The deepest purpose of Delord Gourmet is to provide our guests and customers, the highest-level of services with the most appetizing and mouth-watering Mediterranean Dishes using our boundless experiences the art of Mediterranean Cuisine.


The ultimate goal of Delord Gourmet is to stand at the pinnacle of the market and to set itself as an example of every restaurant in Qatar.